Friday, August 1, 2008

Of Butterflies

Of Butterflies..

I went into hibernation. Started my blog and suffered from Major Blog Fatigue Syndrome (MBFS) immediately. I had to lie low ,conserve my energy and hope to bounce back later. While doing Grade V Science with my daughter (Haan main Panchvi pass se tez nahi hu) we read about the lifespan of a butterfly. And I realized how close it is to my life. The idea of blogging germinated, just like the egg. The egg cracked and out came a caterpillar inching its way out. So did I, slowly and cautiously wrote my first draft. And then weaves a shell to form the Pupa. I did that too. Went back to my shell as I needed to grow at my pace. Out comes a butterfly slowly and painfully breaking the pupa. I am in the process too. Hoping to fly and hover around in a sudden burst of colors. Catch me if you can..


Nisha said...

sweet!!welcome back...atleast we will know whats happening in our lives through this :)

my space said...

@hopefully yes..

Mampi said...

This was a cute analogy