Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good deed of the day

This is a feel good post. We must do at least one good deed a day.

Today I rescued a damsel in distress- actually a damsel who was trying to reverse her car. Crrrrthukkkkk she went!!! Banged into a honda city that was demurely parked next to her old Santro. Fortunately no one came running/screaming but distressed she was.So I stepped in as her Knight no make that Dame in shining armour..reversed it out neatly for her and asked her to scoot before any one would spot THE DENT.
And I must say it was a great feeling. Try helping others for no reason- it really is a great feeling not to forget a great ego-booster too.
So what`s your good deed of the day??


Fictional Desi said...

my good deed of the day was probably patience
amusing, warming read :)

Piper .. said...

:( havent done a single good deed all day!!!! and now its late evening.Maybe i`ll cook a good dinner for the hubby. Is tht a good deed or a duty? :)

Renu said...

good:) my day has just started, lets see:)

Reflections said...

Hmmmm let me see.....I delegated all my work at office today. ooops that doesnt qualify as a good deed. Ummmmm...aah yes, I let a frazzled looking Philipino who came after me use the office loo first;-P

my space said...

@piper- that`s definitely a good deed!!
Fictional desi- thanx for dropping by..

@Renu-its a great ego booster...afterall we need to love ourselves first if we want others to do so..
@Reflections... hmmm chalega ;-)

Indian Home Maker said...

It's still morning, but let me see...mmm nothing till now. Tried persuading a friend to keep a stray pup her son brought home. Or give her up now before she gets attached to them! Does that count?
But it's a good..no great idea to begin each day aiming to be kind and good :)

Mampi said...

shall i tell u the truth?
On tuesday, i did got my car scratched, threatened the innova owner with dire action but never reported him despite the fact that i had his cell number and his car number.
on the same day i witnessed a minor accident involving two girls on a scooter and a man with his little son on a cycle. I stopped, asked the girls if they needed to ring up home or needed first aid, they said no we will manage. My kids were in the car and they were real proud of me.
Enough of blowing my trumpet. Just answering your question though.
But i m really glad u used ur common sense and gave her the right advice.

my space said...

@indianhomemaker..of course it counts..keeping the pup does but giving it up--well its a good deed you are trying to save your friend from heartache later ;-)
@ Mampi- good girl ..i did say it pampers your ego but isn`t it a great feeling??

Piper .. said...

hey thank you for adding me to your blog roll! that is indeed very sweet of you :)

D said...

I feel awful now! When did I last do a selfless good deed?

Mira's mom said...

Hey, no good deed at my end today :( But there is still half a day left - let's see if I can come up with one! :)