Sunday, August 24, 2008

Couture for God

Pic Courtsey
Janamashtmi celebrations at Iskcon.
Manish Malhotra has designed Lord Krishna `s costume.It is velvet and silk with gold sequins hand embrioidery .Sri Radha`s Costume is designed by Neeta Lulla.
Move over Karisma`s Kareena`s and Aishwarya.It`s now Krishna and Radha- the latest style icons.
So how are you celebrating Janmashtmi? Don`t forget to wear your Rohit Bal or Ritu Kumar. Ok?


Piper .. said...

:) we didnt know it was Janmashtami until now. Had to go out for lunch with some friends(no designer clothes though!) and the hubby even had steak! Thankfully since there wasnt any chicken in the menu, i stuck to a potato salad :) How did you celebrate Janmashtami?

Renu said...

Though fashion is not a bad word, and when we can aspire for everything desighner, be it homes,clothes or anything, why leave God out of it:)
Cant put a reson to it, but me feel like shouting to Manish malhotra----------pppppppppplease leave our Gods alone.

DeeplyDip said...

well i see no harm in this. Its their (designers) way of celebrating their gods. Happy janamashtmi to you!

my space said...

@Renu ,Piper and DD...i agree why leave God out of it but let me tell u what I did this janmashtmi. A friend had satsang that day to celebrate krishna janam and had decorated her place wth beautiful flowers..orchids , tuberoses et al..everyone was dressed to the hilt..sparkling jewels,not a hair out of place..everything was oh so pretty..but some where the Bhakti for Lord was lost...we concentrated too hard on outer beauty...

Renu said...

That is what I feel ,that when we go too designer,the essence goes out of the thing.
To keep certain things sacrosanct,leave them as they are.
But this is also true, if manish malhotra is celebtrating something, he will make the clothes and they will be called designer's---ha haha:)