Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday, while combing my daughter`s beautiful tresses, I stumbled upon-hold your breath- a Louse!(one of the hazards of going to school) A fat ,dark brown louse crawling full speed. I caught it and pulled it out and showed it to my daughter.
"EEEWWW! Mammma ! What`s that?"
"A louse, what else? Who is your partner in your class?"
"A boy!",she grimaced.
I was frantic. I started combing her hair carefully,concentrating hard to find any such creepy crawlies. And then to my horror found two nits(I think that`s what the lice eggs are called).I showed it to my daughter.She looked horrified and at the same time fascinated.
"Oh ! So these will hatch now? After how many days Mamma?"
I didn`t know. I mean I have no clue about their life span and have just concentrated on keeping away from them.
"And now they won`t hatch. You threw their Mamma."
I felt a little guilty looking at those eggs.And then caught hold of my sentimental side. These were out to suck my daughter`s blood!
"And Mamma do the lice sit on the eggs to hatch them? Like the hen does?"
I had no clue.
"Well I hope they hatch into baby boys. What are boy lice called Mamma?"
Boy Lice? And why hatch into boys? I was intrigued. Why would my daughter who adores girls in every shape and size( her youngest friend is a chubby 1 ½ year old) want baby boy lice?
"Why do you want baby boy lice?"
"Well they can`t lay eggs or make babies. So when they die I am free of lice! Simple."
Simple logic eh?

Psst…we have shampooed her hair twice with medicated shampoo and spent our waking hours frantically Looking for any further specimens!


Iya said...

eewww... what do i say to this..

aneri_masi said...


How do we know said...

such an easy population control technique. Now u know why they are killing all the girls in Haryana and Punjab(sorry i know this is a sweet post and i was touched and amused,but the parallel threw itself on the form, and i cldnt help it) .

hope ur daughter is now lice free... i can imagine the horror.

Renu said...

very common problem in our school days:)

Piper .. said...

:) what a sweetheart she is! :) And this can be a nasty problem, if you dont take care of it,

SMRITI said...

This got me itching-my-head back to my school days :P Had a similar problem for a few months once and it was so shameful...Thank god for growing up and constant medicated shampoos...the Louse-Y army has been defeated on the battlegrounds of my scalp :P :)

Thank god ur angel is free of the devilish Louse

Sunshine said...

ouch! hope she is lice-free now! lol i like her logic tho! no girls so no reproduction...good population control technique! :)

D said...

By the end of this post I was scratching my head.Talk of lice and the like always does that to me.

my space said...

@Iya..eeewww it was while it lasted!

@anerimasi ..:-)

@HDWK..Fortunately looks like she is..yeah that is so very sad..

@Renu..ya i remember as kids we all have gone through this more than once..but surprisingly my daughter managed to be away from this for so long..

@piper..sweetheart is a debateable matter!! tell me about it!

@Smriti..lol! yeah poor T was mortified too..poor girl was itchy and yet embarrased..

@sunshine...looks like she is..

@D..That`s so true..right now they are a bigger scare to me than a bomb!

Sandhya said...

'no girls no population' - huh, good logic! Your daughter reminds me of my son when he was small. I was like you, not knowing what answer to give for their tricky quetions!

Every blog of yours is too good, Aarthi!

Just call me 'A' said...

baby boy lice :). ha ha.
every parent goes through this. I know my mom did with me and my sis. very typical of school days. key is to keep removing them and keeping the head clean...and of course if the problem persist having a delicate conversation with the other mother.

Nisha said...

wah...interesting reason for them to grow up into boys...i thought she was already being a granny and being partial to boys!!

DeeplyDip said...

like Iya all I can say is Ewwwww!!!!

A tag awaits you on my blog

Shalom said...

Ooh yes, I've suffered this a couple of times but not from school, we got it on the few occassions we went to our native place!!!

I used to switch to a medicated shampoo during those times, but we also had this other remedy. You get this special rectangle shaped comb with extremely fine teeth on one side. Mom used to oil my hair really well and then slowly run this comb from scalp to tip covering the entire head. You drag the lice out this way and then you kill them. Wash off the oil with the special shampoo.

Both shampoo & this comb method did the job completely.

Anonymous said...

You remind me old days.

Mampi said...

You know what? Everymorning when I comb my daughter's long hair, I am extra cautious and wary about what I see in her hair. Thankfully I did not have to face this problem.
BUt I like her take on the 'Boy-Lice' thing.

Hope she will not invite these guests again.