Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Don`t Know

Last night DH went for the wedding reception of my dear friend G. I could not make it and was really looking forward to all the details. So though it was way past my sweet dreams time ,I waited for DH to come. And this is what followed.

DH = Darling Husband. EW: Eager Wife.

DH: What a party man! You should have come. Awesome place .

EW: Really? How was it?

DH: Awesome.

EW: Was it all done up? Flowers and all ?

DH: Flowers? What flowers? I don`t know.

EW: Arrey you said na, it was awesome. So was it done up with orchids or marigolds? And had they draped tissue or was there a theme?

DH: Orchids. The purple looking flowers ? I don`t know, I didn`t see all that.

EW: Trust you. So ?

DH: So what?

EW; Arrgh.. what else? You said awesome party .What was awesome?

DH: (CONFUSED) Party was awesome. What else.

EW: Ok .Whatever. Did you wish G? And did you give her the envelope?

DH: Envelope? No! Sorry I forgot!

EW: Forgot? Are you crazy? You go for the..

DH: It`s ok. We will send it across later. (G is my neighbor).

EW: And how was G looking?

DH: What do you mean looking? Just as she always does. Nice. She did something strange to her hair. But still –nice.

EW: Yeah ? What had she done? Wore it Mumtaz style or that old 70`s style?

DH: I don`t know, HOW? But she looked good.

EW: And what was she wearing?

DH (Eyebrows drawn in concentration) I THINK Lehenga, or may be a saree. I don`t know.

EW: And what colour did she wear ? Did she coordinate with the groom`s outfit?

DH(Thoroughly perplexed look).Color. Must be red . That’s what brides wear. Groom…I don`t know.

EW: What do you mean don`t know. You were sleep walking or what? And Food?

DH: (Relieved and brightened Look!) Arrey awesome food and drinks.

EW: Yeah? What did you eat?

DH: Chicken –really good. And there was a live Thai curry counter.

EW: Live Thai curry counter? What were they doing?

DH: Serving us piping hot curry what else?

EW: Whatever. : And did they serve alcohol?

DH: Of course. There was Bacardi Limon, Vodka, Teachers , Black label whisky and Yeah Sula wine. Even the cocktails were good. Screw Driver, Kaprioshka, Bloody Mary…

EW: And did you meet P? How was she looking? She wore that huge rock that D was talking about?

DH: P? Ya I met her, but diamonds? I don`t know.

EW: You don`t know a thing!

DH: So much I told you and you say I don`t know a thing? With you women around I really don`t know.


Sandhya said...

Hilarious! Men are men and women are women!

Very good one!

D said...

Hahaha! This sounds so much familiar.

DeeplyDip said...

my poor jiju! i can imagine how he was facing your interrogation! and hey he knew the alcohol dept well right? ;) haha

Balvinder Singh said...

Oh!! these adjectives are always confusing -- awesome, or aweful or awe inspiring -- terrific or terrible.

Piper .. said...

ha ha!!! all men are the same I guess! :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

This is hilarious. DH s are prone to be unobservant and forgetful, esp after food and drinks. I echo your sentiments completely.

Sunshine said...

lol - thats sounds like my parents talking after a party! no wonder my mom claims its much more fun when im around to attend such least that way she has someone who can sit and analyse 'who was wearing what' after coming back! :)

SMRITI said...

:D They say the quickest way to a man's heart is stomach...and here u have shown us all :D that men care a whole deal lot abt food and beverage. I wonder why women even dress up if men hardly take note :P

my space said... bet!

@D.same story everywhere na?

@DD..What do you mean poor jiju??He only knew drinks !

@Balvinder.. :-)

@Piper..aren`t they? and drinks are all they notice :) is so much fun to dissect a party once it gets over! The real fun begins then!

Reflections said...

LOL....that was funny:-D!!!!
But seriously, compared to mine ur DH comes across as quite expressive:-)

Aleta said...

Hello ~ I'm new to your blog. I loved the conversation! Too funny. I'd want to know all the details too and Greg would answer the same as your husband.

Mampi said...

it is indeed familiar,
but on a different note, Dont you think it is for the betterment of women that men are made that way.
We would be hugely jealous if men noted everything about every woman they met.

Iya said...

So typical of men.. He only noticed what his mind is so tuned to notice..

Renu said...

awesome:)..the post my dear:),loved it.

ThoughtSafari said...

LOL! Loved your post. I came over from HDWK. Blogrolling you :)

my space said...

@reflections...DH and expressive? Yeah definitely with drinks!

@Aleta..thanks for dropping by ..see you around :-)

@mampi..just cos he didn`t notice the earrings,doesn`t mean he didn`t notice P !!


@Thought safari.thanks ,good to see you :-)