Saturday, October 31, 2015

Life goes on...there are days when I am hit by nostalgia and I  revisit my blog and some of my blogger pals...Renuji, IHM, Mampi , Balvinder, D , Nancy (Reflections) ,Ki jaana main kaun, Mishy-Piper....and many more. There are so many blogs which I can no longer access..they seemed to have disappeared...Mampi, Blavinder and many more...I wonder if you all are still around in blog-sphere ?

This is just to tell you...I do think of you all. I no longer remember how to tag people, pictures etc..guess will pick it up once am back. Shout a hi if you drop by..

Aaj phir tumhari yaad ne dil ko dastak dee hai
Aaj phir tumhari awaaz ne pukara hai
Haule se mera dil yeh kehta hai
Tu aaj bhi mujhe bahut pyaara hai....