Saturday, January 16, 2010

Idiots??? You Bet!!

A college in North India. Year- 1986.

A group of giggly girls with admission forms in hand.

Girl-1 , "Listen yaar.This says, Arts or Commerce?"

G-2,"Commerce re..its better.."

G-1, "Nooooo. You mad or what. Its Not really hot ! Let`s fill up Arts."

G-3 , " You think so?"

G-1, nodding vigrously, " Of course. Come on . This says -Choose any three options besides English."

G-2, " ,we could take Economics".

G-3 , "You are hung up on Commerce !You want to work in a bank or what? Babugiri?"

G-2, " No! Bhaiya said it`s a smart subject."

G-1, "Okaaay, but next one is my choice, Geography! The teacher is really thanda. No issues for attendance. Plus we go out for trips, it`s very scoring also."

G-2, "Hey , I am not very good with drawing maps and diagrams."

G-3, "Shutup! We took your subject na ? Now tell me Anthroplology ki Psychology?"

G-1 and G-2, "What is Anthropology? "

G-3 ," Surabhi said you study things like,' why Africans have curly hair and why are Europeans fair'.You know very new kind of subject. Practicals too. So very scoring."

G-2,"I have never liked Surabhi. I think we should opt for Pycho."

G-1 , " Are you mad? It`s a weird subject and that Ms. M who takes the class is really strict. Forever screaming. I am not taking it. I think Anthro."

G-2, " Sometimes I wonder, ' Are you really My friend?' You can`t take Pycho for me ?"

G-3, " Listen ,just shutup! We took your Eco na? Bhaiya`s smart subject. Now write Anthro. "

A little later in the day.

G-1 , " Mummy... I filled my form today."

Mummy, " Good. Girls college na? "

G-1, " Yes Mummy. Arts."

Mummy, " Ok. "

January 2010. Metro city in India.

A group of people chatting animatedly in a Restuarant.

Dad-1 , " So, how are the prelims.?"

Dad-2, " Just ok. I don`t think we will hit 80."

Mom-1, " Did you get the form for RN College? "

Dad-2 , " No. I think we will go for JNS. I think ISC is better board. "

Mom-2, " Yeah, we even went to the Career Counselor. He feels ISC is a better bet."

Dad-3, "Really ? I think you are making a grave mistake. Go for CBSE. It will train your kid for national level exams. "

Mom-1, " Yeah ,even my niece did that. RN is very good. Classes from 7 to 1 pm. Then Training for national level exams from 2 to 7pm. No time for loittering around."

Dad-4 ," 7 to 1 and then 2 to 7 ? Isn`t that a lot? No , No I think maybe HSC is better then. No attendance issues. We could take the integrated programme."

Mom-5, " Thank God , my Daughter wants Humanities! I think we are opting for Eco, math, Stats. All very scoring, except Eco. Then ,maybe go for LSE in 2012."

The cell phone rings.

Dad-1, " Yes C ?"

"Dad can I apply for Humanities? All my friends are..."

Dad-1 cutting him short, " Have you lost it? We can`t do that! I will be home in a while."