Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a Housewife !

So..what are you up to these days??

Welllll…not much. You tell me?

You mean you are not working? Not even part time??

Noooo..too much on my platter right now. It is tough..No time..

Why NO time? You are doing nothing! Wasting your time. What`s` wrong with you? So much you studied. For what?

Well I did because I enjoyed it.

Hah. Just TP? What`s wrong with you.?How can you just while away your time? Do something concrete in life. Don`t be JUST a housewife.

Well, I am not JUST a housewife. Do you know how much effort it requires to run a house? I am the CEO of my house and have to face staff attrition, poor quality work, budget constraints.. everything like you do in your office.

Yeah.. Why not?

What do you mean why not? It requires serious management skills to run a house efficiently..

Yeah and the ones who are working don`t have efficient homes. Right? Stop giving silly excuses to cover your lazy attitude.

Of couse they do .But I am sure they have to make tough choices.And what do you mean Lazy? I get up at 6am to ensure that my son leaves for school with hot lunch from home. And when DH is up he has milk for his tea. Get the house cleaned. Oversee all the maids, iron out their fightings (Yes in -house fights happen here too) pay the bills, buy groceries..

Hah !So what is so great about it? My 8th pass Mother does the same and if I may say so..maybe more efficiently.

Yes . maybe,but that`s because she has 34 years of experience.

So ? You are so educated. Living in a modern city ,all household help at your beck and call, modern appliances, take away joints, home delivery of grocery ,medicines and You DON`T have TIME??? How crass is that?

Crass? Really ?Well I have no time because I love to maintain a beautiful house,and also love myself. So I go for Yoga, singing, lunches with my friends, for a walk in the evening. And I plan to learn an instrument and a language soon. And I do NOT feel guilty about it. I help my children with their school work, my husband with his official documents and bank work. So where is the question of wasting my education?

In short whiling away. And what is this teaching my kids? Have you lost it? A 12th grader can handle it. Bank work ? Really? A peon can do that. Why did you block a seat and deny someone needy of a chance?

Needy? As in monetarily? And what about my need? My desire to learn ?

All rubbish. It`s true the more you study the more you get confused in life. I wish a talented person like you would not just while away their time.

Grrr..It is my life and I choose to live it like that. I will work when I feel like.

Hmm Sad . But what to do. You want to be JUST a Housewife..

Friday, January 2, 2009


Hi..I have been playing truant (for a genuine reason though! ),for a while.I am back now and look forward to happier times this year.
I really don`t know what to write (psst writers block? Well you need to be a writer to experience it and I ..stop digressing!). Ok first thoughts first. I read somewhere that Negativity sells. The more negative are your views and comments ,the more popular you would be .First step to Success starts from negativity in approach,thinking and action.
This year I want to debunk this theory. I am going to focus on goodness and positivity.
To start with a happy note. I have been on the comp since 15 minutes and trying to remember any good deed done by me..I have a list ready! Good. Now , let me start with thanksgiving and make a list of good deeds done by others. Zilch.
I am still thinking..Hmmm Its begining to dawn on me that how easy it is ,to recognize the goodness in ourselves. and how difficult to look for it in others!
Yipee! Remembered a good deed. I have lived in Mumbai for 16 years but NEVER boarded the Local train. I had to reach town (read South Bombay-don`t get me on as to why it is town ;-) ) and was running late. So I called up a friend who is a frequent traveller. She gave me detailed instructions. Like:
Get down from the rickshaw at the station(Yeah!)
Walk towards the left and you will reach a ticket counter (Yipee!)
Buy a 2 way ticket-second class its cheaper.(I need to penny pinch-what with recession,terrorist attacks and what not)
Walk out and go in.
Walk to the left,climb the overbridge(not so easy ..get ready to shoved and pushed and elbowed)
Get down on the left again and wait for the train (Whoosh..not so bad haan)
But the minute I reached the platform I was lost. I wanted to board the ladies compartment and didnt know where to wait. (Remember most locals halt for 30 secs)
I walked upto a group of young college girls apprehensively.
" Errr.. Excuse me. Where do I wait for the ladies compartment , second class?"
One of them looked at me pathetically and pointed vaguely, "There."
I was lost. Suddenly, I felt a firm hand on my elbow. I turned and saw a smart lady in kurta jeans, kohl in eyes ,carrying a folder. She firmly pushed and took me ahead. We boarded the train easily. Then she went about her calls.
Just as the train was chugging in at my station, she got up and motioned me to follow her. She asked my destination,andasked me to follow her. All this while she was on her phone. I tried to match her brisk steps . Soon we were out and she pointed the taxi stand. She turned, smiled,waved and just melted in the crowd. I stood stupefied for a minute and then moved on.
There is not much to this incident but it revived my faith in human goodness and kindness. I didn`t know her from Adam`s ,yet she extended a helpful hand. Life is indeed an echo and everything does come back.
So go on this year , help someone just for the heck of it, don`t expect anything in return. It will anyways come back to you.
Cheers! Have a year full of love and compassion .
pic courtsey,