Monday, February 16, 2009

So Coool

A bright, sunny ,lazy Sunday afternoon.
I was driving and humming, with my daughter T and her friend N sitting and chatting away in the backseat.I let their constant chatter wash me over and continued driving and humming. Suddenly, got interested when I heard T say.."At least One we should get."
I turned and smiled, “ What do you want T?”

T ,smiling beatifically, "A fracture Mamma.”
"Fracture? Are you mad?"
N :"Aunty ,it is sooo cool.”
"Cool? A fracture? It`s painful!”
T and N both insisted that it was more cool than painful.
"Mamma When I get a fracture , I will get a plaster. And then All my friends are going to write on it. And N will stick that Barbie sticker for me and she will even draw smileys, and a butterfly too!"
N " Ya, I will. And if I get it first, then T will do it for me.I want it on my leg."
T : ' Hmm. I prefer the arm."
N: "And you know Aunty ,my brother is getting braces."
T :"So lucky na? I wish I would get them. Mamma ,don`t you think I need at least plates? See this tooth. Its all crooked.”
"Please Mamma ,can I get braces. Please. I want the blue ones."
N : "No don`t take blue. Take green or pink. My brother is getting Blue. My mamma says I can`t get them because theres Nothing wrong with my tooth!"
I glanced through the rear view mirror and saw two long faces!
So unhappy that they have perfect teeth and No broken limbs.
The pressure of being uncool is getting on. Sigh!

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Iya said...

wow, thats so cute!!!

D said...

Lol! I love girls this age and the way they talk. Imagine, that's all they're concerned about. They don't know yet how cool that is!

Goofy Mumma said...

My my! Little girls. Wanten broken limbs and crooked teeth to add the coolness quotient. Childhood is so innocent. :)

Sunshine said...

Lol! i used to think the same way!! ur daughter is adorable! im pretty sure she will grow out of it soon.. :)

Piper .. said...

:) so cute!

Shalom said...

After Harry Potter became a sensation, a lot of kids I used to meet asked me if they could try on my specs and I would seriously wonder what was wrong with them .... I've been stuck with specs since the age of 13 & there's nothing fun or cool about them :-S

I tagged you, btw :D

SMRITI said...

:D :D Kids...they say the funniest things :) And we get a glimpse of that innocence that we've all seemed to have lost... :) Hugs :)

Balvinder Singh said...

!! these twenty first century kids !!

Anonymous said...

Cute ! Cute ! Cute !

Mampi said...

Thats so cute. Kids are so funny at times, we forget we were like them too...
write something what you did too, at their age.

desipolitan said...

omg! This takes me back to kiddie days when the coolest thing ever was coming to school (after a couple of days home resting) with a white cast on one's arm that all of your classmates would crowd around to sign. I really remember feeling envious.

Ahhh youth.

my space said...

@iya..isn`t it?

@D..yep, now she wants glasses too!

@GM..they are adorable:-)

@sunshine..i know she will and honestly I dont know whether am looking forward to it or not.

@Piper :-)

@Shalom..did the tag..thanx..specs? ask me about it!

@Smriti :-)

@Balvinder..i tell you!

@Hobo..thanx for drpng by..:-)

@Mampi..we were very seedha bacchas!

@Desipolitan...thanx for drpng by..
I still cant fathom why and how we all find fractured arms cool!

Dr Roshan R said...

good Lord !!! Kids do say the darnest things !!

Veda said...

haha..i found this post real funny! :) Wait till they get into their teens..they'll wanna do wilder things only difference being, they might not share it with you.. :) I didnt mean to freak you out or anything, im just 'preparing' you.. hehe.

No wonder my mom's glad Ive finally gotten thru my teens without too many hassles!

Haddock said...