Friday, August 29, 2008

Travel Light

Dalai Lama Checks into Lilavati Hospital for a medical check-up with ELEVEN suitcases.

As I read it out to my darling husband he grins like the cat who got the cream.
“See. And you are always cribbing about my stuff” grumbled darling husband.
Crib ,I do and rightly so. Read the scenario to understand the phenomena of Men and Vanity.
My darling husband (DH for convenience) is leaving for a trip overseas for 7 days.
DH: “ Where`s my suitcase- no the bigger one.”
Me the harried wife (HW for convenience) :“This one?”
DH: “Aha! Ok Let me see. 8 days and 7 nights. Hmm. Ok give me 7 formal shirts for daywear. No ,No make it 8 just in case.
HW: Just in case?
DH: “Ya , in case I spill something or one looks very crumpled. That reminds me put my portable iron too”
HW: “Arrey but the hotel has laundry services and am sure they will have a iron board in the room”
DH:“Put it na-just in case. ok 7 formal trousers. No make it 8 you know just-“
HW: “I know just in case.”
DH: “8 pairs of underclothes, socks and handkerchiefs`. Haan put a couple of basic neck ties”
HW :“Neckties. Why? You are not going for board meetings-just going to check out the fair”
DH: “What if I have to meet the company head or someone? You know just in case(JIC for convenience).
Hmm. Ok now night clothes. Three sets. See I will be repeating one of them for 3 nights! International flight have to travel light”
HW :“Huh! What else?”
DH :“Hmm. No casuals? I`l take a couple of shorts and T-shirts-its more comfortable to lounge around in my room and I`l take those Tracks also-you know JIC these guys come over to my room.”
HW: “The bag is already full-you still need to take your toiletries and medicines.”
DH: “Hey that’s hardly anything. I`l take my shaving kit, talc, aftershave, perfume. Haan pass my medicines. Put bandaid, crocin, D-cold, my BP medicines, that packet of gums-I am not going to buy the minute I land. I need them na after my cigarette. Oh! I will take a pack of that also”.
HW: “God!’
DH: “Stop grumbling. I need all this. Its full 8 day trip. Hey shoes! My black ones should go on all of them na? Chal I will take those Nike`s too. You know I can`t wear the formal shoes to the market .And I will need my bathroom slippers. Should I take my floaters? You know it rains there sometimes. I think last year it poured one evening .”
HW :“ Grunt! Take what you want.”
DH :“Ok .I`l take them too. You know JIC.”
HW meantime is truly harried.
DH : “Sweety get those biscuits na.I like to munch on them while watching TV. Give me few munchies na. Little more.JIC the guys decide to hang in my room during evenings”.
DH: “I think I have forgotten something. Ya ! arrey pass that book na…”
After all this HW still lives in hope Afterall His Holiness Dalai Lama too travels with ELEVEN suitcases.I If nothing at least DH shares something with the spiritual leader.
Aah men and vanity..can they ever be apart??


Mampi said...

The DL and your DH are two of their kinds. I thought men really travelled light but I think that was before DL's dad's times and the men in our generation's grand-dads' times. Loved the chit chat. The best was JIC.

I am going to blogroll you. I wont want to miss a post from you in future.

my space said...

Mampi- thanks a lot for blogrolling me...its my turn now to grin like the cat who got the cream ;-)

Piper .. said...

ha ha ha!! And I thought it was only The G(hubby)!! God, this was truly hilarious!! I guess ALL men are alike!! Can you believe what I had to go through while packing for this trip? We were out for the entire month. So you`ll know just *how* much packing I did!! Fabulous post!

Renu said...

really enjoyed the chat:), so similar, not my husband, but my son and daughter-in-law, both pack like this, except munchies, they are very fond of outside food:)

Reflections said...

Seriously...MEN. I have it even worse.....
When we come back from vacation atleast 40% of the clothes my better-half takes is not worn. Infact when he packs itself I knw he is not going to wear them but he is so convinced & most importantly HE is doing the packing so I just leave it to him;-P

my space said... month!I shudder to think of the amount that would have to be taken-JIC :-)
@renu- lucky you.we live on outside food but when he is out munchies he wants JIC his friends drop-by!!
@reflections..4o ?make that at least 50%.As for leaving it to him, he is the one who does and I am at beck and call!Believe me even when I have to travel,He insists on helping me!!!Shudder...

DeeplyDip said...

This reminds me of myself! I was just like this for the longest time - always travelling over weight! I have learnt a lot over the years and am able to pack everything - clothes, shoes, toiletries and bags - all in one suitcase!
Now its reached a point that i get a high every time I can remove an item from the bag - just to be lighter!

Sandhya said...

Really really hilarious! This happened with both of us! JIC JIC we packed so much and 50% of the things came back, unused!

Good. Give us more laughter please!

Sunshine said...

Lolol! You know thats exactly like my dad!!!
For a 4 day trip he needs:
4 Formal Shirts
4 Formal Trousers
4 Casual-but-going-out-in-eve type Tshirts
4 Casual Sleep in T shirts
4 Shorts
3 Jeans
1 Tracksuit (for the flight)
6-7 pairs u/gs you know JIC!!

Gawd!!!! *eyes rolling*

D said...

Lol! I empathise with the DH. We're sailing in the same boat, you see. And the poor fellow carried only two pairs of shoes! And no jeans. Or hair dryer. You see - I can be worse.