Saturday, August 18, 2007

"An Idle mind is the devil`s workshop."

That`s what we were taught in school.But I do not agree with this.I function my best when I have nothing -absolutely nothing to do.For e.g. this blog.I have been thinking about it since a long time but never had the time or inclination to do so.But yesterday was one of the days when I had nothing chalked out..No friends around(yeah it does happen),didnt want to see T.V. or listen to music or chat..In short was bored to tears .Wracked my brains for some ideas and came up with creating my blog.And here I am.
I read somewhere that our children today don`t know how to play.The reason being that they live a structured life.Every activity is compartmentalised..Time to get up,eat,school,skating,Dance,Football.. you name it and there is a time slot for all!I remember as a kid spending long ,lazy and stretching endlessly afternoons doing nothing..Zilch..And that was the time I discovered the joy of reading,playing silly games with marbles and even with stones!
Unfortunately now our lives are very structured and we live in a "Time zone" with time alloted for everything..even for lazing.If we do`nt do the prescribed or planned activity we feel we have wasted time.I think we seriously need to get back to good old days where we wasted time doing nothing but looking at the fan whirring softly,or gaze at the stars or even just stare at the stark walls.
And that`s the time for inspiration to strike..God Time`s here again!But seriously "An idle mind is the entrepreuner`s workshop."What say?


nisha punjabi said...

u know..just yesterday i was cleaning my room...and saw all the games we use to play as kids..brainvita, business(!), scrabble, was so much fun..i hate the lifestyle kids have today.
and about devils workshop...its different in different circumstances..and basically its a matter of, good for u!

Mampi said...

So right
we have lost the time to stand and stare and have not taught its value to our children.