Friday, August 17, 2007

Whew !Finally its done and I have a blog of my own.And here goes my Oscar speech.

I thank ,from the bottom of my heart my niece Nikki without whom I would have not achieved this great milestone.Nikki Thank you for your step by step -much needed and appreciated -directions to create a blog.
But my first vote of thanks has been rightly earned by my sister Ruchi.She is the one who planted the idea and actually pushed me into it by telling don`t do a thing and then moan about inaction!!
Thank youji you two ..You both have actually got me going..Bahut hua issey zyada bola toh aap dono toh bilkul hee...this is the first and probably the last time m publicly acknowledging your role(I care about you..lest you burst with pride!!)
A nd I hope To ramble on and on and on..


Dee said...

Mabruk...I finally see some "action!" ;)
Great going all the best...Im sure you'll do a good job...

nisha punjabi said...

birth of a star!!! cutee...n u r welcome ..although u know... we didnt do much! :D
aur ruchi to mentorship ke bojh se ek dum dabb gayi hogi! becharii :)..i need to thank her too..will do that on bua day ;)