Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lend a helping hand

Today morning at my Yoga class, the teacher announced that they are collecting Clothes, utensils and grains for the Bihar flood victims. ''Please donate whatever you can.Please ensure that the clothes are clean, folded, not torn(at least not beyond repair). Please see this as an opportunity to declutter your house and life."
I looked around.Everyone was busy with their Aasans. Did even one of them HEAR?I doubt.
We have become immune to the poverty and sufferings around us. It is better to live in our own cocoon and not look around. It will only add on more misery to our lives. Most of us feel that way.And why help?How do I know the donations I make will reach the needy?The middlemen, polticians will all gobble the lion`s share. What ultimately will reach the needy is inconsequential.
Then there is another breed who will happily donate . Last time when my class collected stuff for Tsunami victims, we were pained to see that most of the things from these well-off people were trash. Old,torn clothes,tattered blankets, chipped crockery,pots with holes,broken toys.I wish my teacher did not emphasise on decluttering. Because what these people ,who are on a Saintly,' oh! we are so noble 'trip ,just dump the trash for which I am sure a Kabadiwala will charge for clearing.
I looked at my teacher and said, "But will it reach the needy?"
She said,"I certainly hope so. This Doctor couple is going to a village and are going to carry all the stuff. And you do your karma..Leave the rest to God."
And even though ,I am very sceptical, I will still do it. It is a win- win situation for me. It makes me feel good, I add good Karma and even if ,One biscuit reaches a hungry child and brings a smile on his face-I am happy.
So what are you doing for the Bihar flood victims?



Mampi said...

Yup, you are so right about the decluttering opportunity. When the well-offs throw out trash, they should spare one thought on the ones who are going to wear the tattered clothes. The ppl at the receiving end are probably ones who were once comfortably well off.

Renu said...

I also think that we should give what the others need, and it s true for donation and gifts both.
Its very easy to give what we dont need.
Earlier always in a case of calamity, corporates collect one day of all emloyees salary and send it to PM's relief fund.

My mother gives away lots of sarees..used ones ,but they are in a vgood condition, and while giving she will always say...ekdam nayi ha:) and I used to hate that line:)even in my child hood, I will say...if its old its old and u r not doing something big, so dont say like that:)

Piper .. said...

i would feel a lil skeptical too. But i guess that shouldnt prevent us from doing whatever little bit we can