Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don`t Worry, Be Happy

I will be Happy when.....

1. I get a bigger house..make that at least a 4BHK with terrace and sea view.

2. My son tops his class...actually make it school!

3. My daughter gets into A particular school.

4. I buy that gorgeous LV bag.

5.I buy that sexy black peep toe shoe.

6.I get a pair of solitares.

7.We go for an international holiday..add the Bahamas or Alaskan Cruise ..

8.I get that job in the top management institute..make it part time with hefty renumeration.

Whoa!! I could go on and on...That`s a tall order for being Happy. And what if I get that LV bag? By then there would be another one that I would start craving for..And if my daughter gets through, I would probably want her to get into the school football team and if I got the house I would then want top-notch interiors..Hmmm spend my life running after Things that could make me happy.

Now , I realise the futility of it all. Happiness is a state of Being. If you attach happiness with a certain event, object, person, achievement then it is going to be elusive forever.Equating happiness with material comforts , luxuries and relationships means inviting trouble. Its like handing over yourself to others. They control your emotions and thus your life.

I definitely don`t want that. So I choose to be happy irrespective of all these coveted luxuries. If it happens, good and if it doesnt even Better. Cheers to that!

What about you? When will YOU be Happy???


Balvinder Singh said...

Since there is no end to material desires one can raise or lower one's happiness bar to whatever extent one wants to.

However,your list is attractive.

Mampi said...

I was wondering what our girl is upto and the end was the anti-climax. I have felt it in a practical way that I can be happy without anything material and I can be unhappy with plenty around me.

my space said...

@balvinder...good to see you! Yeah ! I could go on and on..i didn`t start on music..that list is endless :-)
@Hey Mampi...disappointed? Nahi yaar aiwe hee zara busy, zara put off, zara post to bahana tha waapas connect hone ke liye!

D said...

I read a long time back that we're as happy or sad as we make up our minds to be! It always works to make me stop whining about life in general.

Reflections said...

Long back in the 1st year of college I learnt a very important definition in the 1st chapter in Economics that "Human wants are unlimited"
......2 years later I chucked Economics & took Literature & now 15 yrs later I've forgotten 98% of everything I learnt in college but this quote always stayed with me.

Nice post Arti:-))!!!!!!!!!!

Nisha said...

happiness is really a state of mind...its living the present to the fullest and making the best of it. the earlier u learn that, the better it is! im happy tooo!! :)

Renu said...

As long as we are alive, we will wish for something, because thats life, but wishing must not be connected to unhappiness, i am happy:)

Sunshinesafar said...

seriously! I think it was Abe Lincoln who once said... we are only as happy as we choose to be!

Dr Roshan R said...

as a doc, I've given up trying to be happy by making patients happy .. thats a never ending list :)

But definitely material desires will be there in my list along with emotional happiness and love..