Friday, February 20, 2009


I got tagged by Deeply Dip and Shalom.
Now , the rules..
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

So here I go with my list.

1. I don`t know where to start from! Any and everything I do,the initial step bothers me. Once I start there is no stopping.

2. I love to sing though am not a great singer.

3. I used to and still find classical singers Aalaaps very hilarious. This despite the fact, that I learn classical music and sing Aalaaps too and know how much effort they require.

4. I want to learn to play piano and own a grand piano someday.

5. I want to learn at least one foreign language, Marathi, One language from South India, Awadhi,write Sindhi and Urdu and also Sanskrit.

6. I love to sing Lullabies to my children. When my son was young ,he would suck his thumb and look at me with such adoring eyes and finally sleep. My daughter on the other hand would stare and after 30 seconds tell me, "Mama. Stop. I want to sleep!!"

7.I remember the lyrics of songs I love and have to sing along when I hear them.

8. Although I love music , I don`t know much about western music.Just a few popular Rock bands.

9.I have 2 left feet.

10.When ever Me and my sister get together we sing all our favourite songs ,hymns, school song etc.Sp 2 hymns, Like a sunflower and Spirit of God in the clear running water..

11.I have a different nickname for my children almost every month. At different times I have the weirdest names right from Babbu, bubblu,shona,shonu,Babu, to Shyamlal, Champak,Jebu, get the drift. My kids now respond to my tone, the name just doesn`t register!

12. Although I have read most bestsellers and lots of fiction , I hardly remember any of it! It is a rare book that makes an impression or stays with me.

13. I love book stores but Never buy fiction books. I`d rather borrow from a library.

14. I love fashion and generally am very clued in about the trends. I may not necessarily follow them.

15. I love footwear and at any given point of time will definitely have one in these colours each. Silver, Gold, Black, Brown, White, Grey, Red, Blue , pink, Beige. Currently am looking for green and yellow!

16. I also love to carry different handbags.

17. I like to experiment with hair colour. I just changed from ash blonde to dark brown and don`t recognize myself!

18. I like to cook occassionally and am good at it. But everyday cooking sp making chapattis is a big No No.

19.I love to buy and hoard stationery items. Fancy pens,Stickers, Fancy Envelopes,gift wrapping sheets, bows,ribbons etc. But I hate using them and passing them on!

20. I like to shop not only for myself but also for my sister, neices, sisters -in-law,their children, my mother..actually Shopping for any and everyone.

21. I am very finicky about clean feet. That`s the first thing I notice and absolutely hate it when someone sits on the bed with dirty feet.

22. I have a fetish for footwear and am forever screaming at my children because they run about barefoot!

23. If I have to take a decision I will ask every and anyone for an opinion and go on and on and in the end do exactly what I had thought of in the first place.

24. I like to do Yoga. I just cannot go on a treadmill or stepper.For me Gyms are great hangouts. Period.

25. I am a little Eccentric.

Pssst... Gosh 25 done and I still have lots to say! Remember I find it tough to start but then I can go on and on and on...

I want to tag the following and hope to know them all a bit more.
Smriti , Iya , Sunshine , Balvinder, Hobo , Piper , Bhai with Chai , Aneri , IHM , Mampi , Renu , Sandhya , Just Call me A , Nisha.


Sunshine said...

#19: me too!! i am a sucker for pretty stationary!!

#23: yea im like that as well...but i will still take every1s opinion just in case...

i did it already! Nancy tagged me...go check it out! :)

Balvinder Singh said...

ditto for 2, 4, and 8

i liked 6, 11, 23

thanks for tagging me. Already two or three different ones pending.

D said...

You must be a very musical person - 8 out of 25 points you've mentioned here are about music!

SMRITI said...

Yikes...been tagged by more than one person to do this now....gotta do it :)

Gosh u share habits similar to my mom: Like she hoards stationary and never uses it. I decided to just throw every useless thing occupying the house and surprise surprise, in her stationary cabinet, I found oil Paints that belonged to...errr...1992 O_O GROSS!!!!!

Nicely done...this tag... You can write more than 25 u limit :P would love to hear more :)

Cheers!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank God. I am not in the list.

Nisha said...

we have one BIG thing in common...i always forget what i read...never remember any book...its so embarrassing na!!??

DeeplyDip said...

rofl on T asking you to shut up! (#6)
i agree with D - so many points on singing alone!
and hey do put the links on the text rather than like this...this is a bit difficult to figure out!

aneri_masi said...

You tagged me? But you've already done my tag for me!!!

1 - check
2 - check
3 - check
6 - check, but it was my nephew and niece in my case!
7 - check
8 - check
9 - now this one is a complete opposite for me! I love to dance!
10 - almost there
12 - check
13 - absolutely there!
14 - check
15 - check! I have two shoe closets!
16 - yep! I have a handbag closet too!
17 - i used to do this, until the hubby appeared and then I stuck to one color :(
19 - yeah!
20 - right on!
23 - but of course :)

Have stopped doing tags a while back, but might take this one on.

Renu said...

LOL: at the 6th one:)

Indian Home Maker said...

I did this tag Here

You love music :)

I also used to sing my kids to sleep, and they just refused to sleep without us singing to them :)I once even recorded their favorite nursery rhymes so I could just play that back for them, but they wanted live music :)

But I let my kids be if the floor is clean, even I preer to walk barefoot, I think human feet should be allowed to move freely lol ...

I love stationery too ... but I find high heels a pain and even though I buy a few pairs - I tend to live in my sports shoes : )

Sandhya said...

You are a story writer, Aarti! I love to read your blogs. I had started writing this blog (shilpa had tagged me) and noticed that you too have tagged me for the same title. So now you can know almost everything about me!

I too love to sing along while hearing music. When we go to Bangalore where my sister and cousins live, we always have antakshari in somebody's house!

Piper .. said...

:) I cant help noticing that we`re soooooo different! :) you`ll see it soon in my post!

Mampi said...

WOw, I am tagged...
WIll do it soon, soon, i am already long pending on this tag.

Nice tag, you could hve gone on and on and on, and we could have gone on reading it.

Reflections said...

LOL at #6....brings back memories. I used to put Naina on my shoulder & sing her to sleep. Just suppose I stopped in between she wd pat me on my back till I started singing again:-D.

#10....thts really so sweet.

#11 I used to do this when they were smaller but
[sad emoticon coz only when u said this did I realise]

#23 ROFL......!!!!!!
ummm my husband has the same complaint abt me?:-D

#25 more explanation needed:-D????

Enjoyed reading ur tag:-))!!!!

my space said...

@Sunshine...what is it about hoarding stationery mania that many of us have?

@Balvinder...u like to sing? I bet old Mohd. Rafi songs..i love them too..Do the tag soon ...its fun.

@D..musical? hmm yes very fond but not actually good at it!

@Smriti..thanx..hmm stationery....

@Hobo...i have tagged you.

@Nisha..i swear..many a times i read a couple of pages and realise..arrey ye toh padi hui hain!

@DD..Bhai tech savvy nahi hain..need help for that..n u know how T can be na?

@Aneri...we are really alike..i Love to dance but am anything but graceful!!


@IHM..i dont wear very high heels..infact have times i have only flats. then only stilettos. or only wedges!!
Singing, stationery..lots we share ur tag..good one!
Psst...I too cannot kill any animal..not even a cockroach!!

@Sandhya..thanx.. singing is so much fun na??

@Piper..thats why we get along!

@Mampi..thank u ji mampiji..

@reflections..DH is aghast! He just cannot handle my singing,different nicknames,constant jabbering et al :-)

Reflections said...

Tell DH, tht is not eccentricity, its pure love pouring out:-D

Balvinder Singh said...

you guessed it right , Rafi is in my soul. I still try his songs sometimes in the club on a Karaoke nite.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Oh, it seems we are long-lost twins, esp, the shopping, hair colour, clean feet-fetish, etc. Only that I loooove to buy fiction (I never buy anything else)...tell me did you ever get lost at a Kumbh mela?

Veda said...

stumbled into your blog coz our blog names are similar. my mom was the only person i knew in her generation who wrote so well. I'll tell her that I've finally met her competition. :) love the way you make the routine stuff sound so-not-routine! g'luck with everything :)

Indian Home Maker said...

By the way,

my space said...

@Reflections :-)

@ Balvinder...i just knew that it has to be rafi!

@Sucharita..i think so u have a locket on you or perhaps a tattoo?? Behn !

@Veda..thanks ! Hope to see u around .....

How do we know said...

This is a very nicely done tag.. and u r a very intriguing person too.

Shalom said...

This was fun reading!!! Ok, the one foreign language I'd love to learn - Italian! I also have a ton of nicknames.....for my hubby though, as of now :D :D

And my mom never let me buy fiction either, saying we'd read it once & then it'll just be lying around taking up space....much cheaper to get it from the library. I think the only fiction we've bought is the Harry Potter series. Even now if I walk into a bookshop I hear my mother's voice!